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Integrated and Functional Medicine

The Center For Healing was founded on the principle that the root cause of disease must be established and corrected so each patient can achieve maximal health. This also is the basis of Functional Medicine which is a new approach to chronic disease treatment. Using extensive data collection as well as comprehensive testing that looks at multiple body systems we are able to determine the source of inflammation leading to disease states. A number of large medical centers including the Cleveland Clinic have realized the importance of this approach and have started Functional Medicine Clinics at their facility.

Alternative Medicine

I first became interested in complimentary/alternative medicine after realizing that traditional medicine was failing a significant number of my patients. The “one disease, one drug” approach did not address the underlying cause of problem and I grew frustrated not having the tools I needed to help these patients. I decided I needed further education, so I entered the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine through the University of Arizona with Dr Andrew Weil. This two-year Fellowship combined the best of traditional Western medicine with Eastern medicine.

My Training

I received significant training in supplements, vitamins, herbs and mind body medicine. I also received extensive nutritional training. I graduated from the Fellowship in November 2017 and then turned to Functional Medicine as it provided the biochemical knowledge for the diseases, herbs and supplements that I had learned about in the Fellowship. Using traditional medicine, Eastern medicine, mind body medicine, nutrition and determining the root cause of a chronic disease through extensive testing, is the cutting edge of personalized medical care and it is available at The Center For Healing.

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